Need a geek?

but not like, fulltime...

We'll bring the expertise when you need it,
and then go back to our secret lair.

Your technology partner

Let's be honest... you need computers, but you hate having to deal with all their little issues, right? The firmware and software updates, the security, the backups (what, no backups?), the corruption, the slow network, the printer that's offline for no reason, the spam and the phishing emails, the dated website that doesn't work on smartphones, yadda, yadda, yadda.
We feel your pain. Who wants to deal with that stuff?
We do. Yeah, really. It's what we do.
We'll make the pain go away.

Website looking old?

We can retire that relic and replace it with a responsive modern website

Web Development

No app for that?

Have your people call our people and we'll turn those ideas into reality

App Development

Need a safety net?

Let us take care of the techie bits, so you can focus on your business

IT Support

We're based in Kelowna, BC in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Our clients have offices across southern British Columbia from Vancouver Island to the Kootenays. However with modern technology, physical location has become irrelevant. So no matter where you are, we can help you.